Home Sealing and Extermination

Scorpion Specialists, LLC., provides specialized services to homeowners around Gilbert, Arizona. With our home sealing and extermination services, we can assure that you and your family will be protected from invading pests.

Black Scorpion Scorpion Eating Life-size Scorpion Pest Control

Home Sealing

Our team can seal your home, even during the process of being built. Seals on your perimeter walls and turf grass create an impenetrable barrier that prevents dangerous scorpions and pests from entering your house. The sealing process provides far better protection than pesticide spraying, and includes sealing services such as:

• Screen AC/Vents Exhaust Fans
• Ceiling Fan/Lights
• Plumbing
• Exterior Doors
• Outside Foundation
• Providing Thicker Weatherstripping
• Fix all light around exterior doors
• Can Lights and Standard Lights, etc.
• Block Wall around Yard (Extra Charge)
• Eaves (Extra Charge)

Benefits of Home Sealing

Sealing your home can do more for you than keeping pests out. It can provide a number of other benefits for you and your home, such as:

• Saving Energy
• Reducing Heating and A/C Bill
• Reducing Pesticides In the Home
• Preventing Water Damage
• Ensuring a Safe and Happy Home

Pest Control

Our experts can prevent pests from entering your premises, or remove ones that are already there. Along with sealing your home, we can protect your yard from snakes with wire mesh. We have pest control kits and training available to keep you and your family protected. Our pest control and extermination services can help you get rid of such invaders as:

• Mice
• Rats
• Spiders
• Scorpions
• Crickets • Roaches • Africanized Bees

Our Employees

A company with full-time employees is a sure sign that the company is profitable, customer-driven, and plans on staying in business. We have full-time people answering the phones, so that you never have to deal with an answering service, and our full-time employees are also our installers, not third-party subcontractors.

Termite treatments 

We also do termite treatments post and pre treat.

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